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Have you decided to improve your virtual presence, and have you decided that having a website is important for your business? So, you have PHOTOMAX as your partner to develop a website that's right for you.

The website is a very interesting way to be in line with what the market currently demands. At the same time, it is a smart way to establish a virtual presence and close deals if you sell a product or service over the internet.

Almost all restaurants today use a third-party delivery app. They can charge up to 40% commission for sales. We present the solution for you to have your own delivery system, without depending on third-party applications.


Website Delivery

Grow with your Restaurant

If you have a business and want to work with delivery, know that the internet is a powerful weapon to achieve. Our team builds a website for you from scratch and integrates a complete delivery system.


Sell your products online

Websites related to e-commerce, that is, digital commerce, our team works with several platforms. Magento, Presta Shop, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Shopify and Jumpseller stand out, but you can indicate the platform you think is best.

Business Website

Show your business to the world

For business websites with a more institutional look, we use WordPress. Making it an excellent option for this purpose. After all, it is simple to use and very efficient, in addition, it ensures that you have greater visibility in the market. You can integrate forms and email to receive orders or messages from your customers online.

The 3 pillars to
quality are:
Design, Performance and SEO

We care about all site structures. That's why we work deeply in the background of programming so that the website achieves excellent performance.

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